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After and Before photos of our Mercer Island Reface


Don't replace, reface! This reface proves you can achieve a whole new look without a gut renovation. See how we can save you time and money!


It was time to update the dark cabinets and granite countertops. The cabinet boxes were in great condition and the kitchen layout worked for the owners. A reface was the perfect solution.


The Subzero refrigerator stayed in place, so new appliance panels were needed.


A new 48" wide range replaced the existing 30" range. We created the 18" needed by building new upper and lower cabinets on either side of the range.

Mercer Island Reface - Photo 3

This funky open space at the back of the island was addressed by installing doors that matched the rest of the island cabinets.

Since the new countertop material was to be quartz, no corbels were needed for support.

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