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From Frustration to Oasis: Transforming a
Nightmare Primary Bath

After enduring nearly a year of delays, excuses, and subpar work from their previous contractor, our clients were left with an unfinished, unusable master bath – a far cry from their dream spa-like retreat. Determined to salvage their vision, they turned to us with specific desires:

  • Light & Tranquil: They envisioned a calming haven featuring soothing materials and minimal visual clutter.

  • Unique Shower Lounge: Their minds weren't confined by conventional design; they longed for a bespoke shower experience incorporating a built-in "lounge" area.

  • Repurposing the Shower Glass: Despite the previous contractor's shortcomings, they already had custom-made shower glass that they wanted to incorporate into the new design.

Embracing their unique vision and leveraging the existing glass, we crafted a stunning master bath that transcended their initial expectations.

 Sapienstone porcelain slabs create a stunning wet room look that extends into the vanity area for effortless style and easy cleaning. 

Remodeled Master Primary Bath Enclosed shower and tub or wet-room
Remodeled Master Primary Bath with porcelain slab walls

Unbroken beauty: Matching Sapienstone porcelain graces the tub alcove, with expertly mitered edges for a seamless, luxurious effect.

Remodeled master primary bath with wet room and porcelain slab walls
Remodeled Master Primary with water closet niche

Precision-built tub area seamlessly integrates with existing walls, preserving pre-made shower glass. Plus, a cleverly concealed access panel ensures both style and accessibility.

Remodeled master primary bath with porcelain slab walls

Impeccable Details: Notice the elegant framed niche, clad in matching material for a unified look. This thoughtful addition enhances both functionality and aesthetics.

Stunning Sapienstone flows effortlessly from the shower walls to the vanity, creating a unified and luxurious bathroom experience.

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