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Luxurious Master Bath Remodel

Our clients had hired a general contractor to renovate their master bath. They fired him after nearly a year of excuses, cost overruns and shoddy workmanship. The bathroom was still not done and was unusable…

The owners wanted to use light, calming, tranquil materials. Nothing busy with as few grout lines as possible. They wanted a unique “lounge” inside the shower. And since they had already had shower glass fabricated for this project, they wanted to use the shower glass that was already made but not installed. 

We used Sapienstone porcelain slab for the "wet room" walls, extending through the vanity area.

2018-04 Shower and Lounge.jpg
2018-04 Bath Tub.jpg

The tub half walls were clad in matching material with all edges mitered to give the look of solid marble.

2018-04 Peeking through the door.jpg
2018-04 Water Closet.jpg

The threshold and tub walls were built to exactly match the prior walls so the already fabricated shower glass could be installed.

The tub access panel is cleverly hidden behind a removeable tile slab.

The entire wall behind the mirrors and wall cabinets are clad with Sapienstone.

2018-04 Vanity Photo.jpg

A niche in the water closed was framed and clad with matching slab material to give that space a cohesive feel.

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