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Witness the dramatic before-and-after transformation of this primary bath renovation.

2018-04 Shower and Lounge.jpg

This wasn't just a renovation, it was a dream brought to life.


After nearly a year of working on this master bath, our client fired the contractor and hired us. The shower floor was so badly installed that the water pooled and would not drain. The tile installation was shoddy with uneven grout lines and lippage. The threshold had a sharp edge which would have caused injury stepping in and out of the shower.


The countertop was new, so the existing cabinets were left in place. We repainted the doors and drawer-fronts to ensure everything was fresh and clean.


The framing for the tub was not level, so we had to remove the tub, reframe walls, then re-install the tub.


"What do you mean it's not centered?"

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