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We do more than kitchen remodeling!

home theatre with low lighting grey furnishings large projection screen and popcorn.jpg
Bright home wine cellar with wooden storage units and arch with bottles..jpg
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We can help you update any room in your home - create a new family theater room, your dream wine cellar, update your tired fireplace, or create a dramatic stairway entry. We are more than kitchens and bathrooms!

Wine Room

Home Theater

Reimagined Fireplace

Entry and Stairway Update



Paint Buckets

Whether just the room we are renovating, or your entire house, we can help update your home with a fresh coat of paint.


Morning Coffee

We can help you pick the perfect carpet for your home. We will even help move your furnishings in and out to facilitate your new carpets. 


Marquis Infinite Fireplace.jpg

Is a new fireplace on your wish list? We can do that! We are a proud dealer of Kingsman gas fireplaces and Modern Flames electric fireplaces.


White Chair in an Empty Room

An important part of any remodel, we can install new flooring or refinish your existing hardwood floors.


Home Entrance

A new front door? New interior doors? New window and door trim? New baseboards? Yes, we do that!


Image by Rob Wingate

A new window or windows can be an important part of your renovation. Yes, we do windows!

We can provide any of these services as a part of your renovation

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